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Revisit Shelden's bio -- chap 14 -- for remarks on "facts", "opinions" and jail.

Update 5/25/2021

Bongino is confused. He's trying to deconstruct the problem on the Left with facts, but his counterexamples are not factual claims, but high-level, analytic, "policy" ones. Current example: the Defund The Police flap.

Posted Mon May 17 06:14:36 2021

Despite its ups and downs, somehow I always seem to circle back (EEK!) to my old standby install of Ikiwiki on my home NetBSD system.

Update 5/4/21

Site is still working despite a new pkgsrc. Running (Eek!) pkg_rolling-replace NOW. Time will tell. It always does.

Posted Wed Apr 21 20:28:45 2021

This is the THIRD post to this example blog. To add new posts, just add files to the posts/ subdirectory, or use the web form.

This is a header.

So is this.

Posted Tue Jan 5 07:47:02 2021

Well...SCOTUS wasted no time while clearing their desks before leaving for the weekend. The reality slaps are coming along at a brisk pace. The Biden crime family of human slugs: do we suppose they can provide a first-rate non-stop clown show to keep our interest up for the duration? It's hard not to envision a Biden administration as The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight Redux.

Seriously though, Mark Levin took some of the thunder out of the camps tonight by stating he understands that Barr was legally constrained from putting the lie to the manifesto signed by fifty intel hacks indicating their belief that the Hunter Biden laptop story was a piece of Russkie misdirection info-warfare. But in my gut Barr is far from being off the hook. I've had for a long time a deep sinking feeling about him, and pretty much EVERYTHNG ELSE that's going on.

I feel very blessed to have an excellent psychiatrist, who knows me inside and out. Highly recommended in these um challenging times.

Stay tuned. Film at eleven.

Reality Check 5/6/21:

Duckman2 all systems go, I think.

Posted Sat Dec 12 06:47:31 2020

So we've got now Miranda Devine, based in Australia but published in the NYPost, and, from "Red State, "Mike Miller."

Trying to get into the act again.

Posted Sun Sep 6 20:53:39 2020

So we've got now Miranda Devine, based in Australia but published in the NYPost, and, from "Red State, "Mike Miller."

I continue to try to get my blogging off the ground.

Posted Sun Sep 6 20:40:21 2020

I have to say this for Ikiwiki: it is certainly resilient, in that it seems to survive all manner of ebbs and flows of fortune here on my old home NetBSD box!

Omigawd. Another rebirth of ikiwiki!

Posted Thu Jul 16 08:58:07 2020

Here we are again. Thank God for chocolate.

Posted Tue May 19 07:07:27 2020

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